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I have a temporary pass to a new facility in Happy Valley, Oregon for 3 months on a Groupon deal, but their business practices have already left a bad taste in my mouth for any relationship beyond this point. The cost was $25 up front, but they failed to inform people that they charge another $25 for a card to unlock the doors. Although the cost is not much and the gym is clean, I will not do any further business with a company with such... Read more

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There are several younger kids(20 yrs or so) who use Portable steps in front of other machines so equipment cannot be accessed for use. They leave equipment lay all over and employees don't clean up or say anything about it because they are his buddies. Also not sure if they have an actual membership, they are actually let in by employee a lot. Also rude language and rude comments used and no gym etiquette encouraged ever! Quite the click going... Read more

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They essentially entrap you into a contract, you HAVE to visit the club you set up your membership at, and sign a cancellation form. Absolutely deplorable, they should be ashamed to call themselves a business. More like a *** goon squad. Making members go to such lengths to simply cancel a membership is horrible, *** the members that have moved or changed addresses! Rake their wallets! Not only this, their equipment and gyms are absolutely... Read more

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I was a member at Snap fitness Pukekohe (New Zealand) Club. I have cancelled my membership on 20th June 2016, That means my membership supposed to be cancel after 30 days after initially notified them which is by 20th July 2016. Despite serving appropriate (30 days) notice period as per my contract,they still direct debited on 20th August 2016 from my account which is so unacceptable. After spoke to Club in charge, they seems so useless and... Read more

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I am a memeber of one of your branch (vikas marg) . I joined on 6th jan 2016 and due to timing issues of the gym till 11 P.M I asked to freeze my membership on 23rd of may and to refund the balance and it's been almost three months now I have contacted the gym incharge many a times but there is no response from anyone. this is really not acceptable. I hope my balance amount will be refunded asap. my membership id is 6003186. Read more

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I have sign up for 30 day trial to see how I feel comfortable.I have spoken to the reception he said everything fine as long as I have an access card.he didn't mention any cost because I sign up for trial. Last week and this week the racism asked me why I was here at the gym I did explain to him and mention to membership cost I told him again I sign up for 30 day trial and his employer didn't say anything at all.the owner and employer said... Read more

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My wife inquired about re-opening a membership with them, but the sales rep signed her up, even though he verbally told her that he wouldn't charge her credit card. I find out thru my credit card statement that I have been charged for 4 months, and we never even had a badge to access their facilities. After speaking to the rep, he will not issue a refund, and basically is making my wife sound like a liar. I already called 2 friends and they are... Read more

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This gym is clean and the owner is respective of customers and their needs, very attentive. Trainer Al is awesome, from how I see how he tends to his clients. Very clean environment and many gym can take a lesson. I am glad I am a member! I think other gyms should come visit this one in Twinsburg Ohio and use this as a role model and best demonstrated practices should be shared with other gyms. I do wish there was one in Wickliffe OHIO because... Read more

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Bad service Ravenna Ohio, has dirty equipment I paid for a year up front 5 days later won't let me cancel and get my money back!!

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I just wrote about the Snap Fitness in Corpus Christi Texas on Cimarron Road, I do hope that this is kept confidential and just somebody do a surprise visit and review the facility. It will be to the benefit of the owner.

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