Spanish Fort,Alabama
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I arrived at the club to workout and upon my arrival, my name was posted on the door telling me and the entire community that I couldn't use that gym because my daughter did not wipe off the treadmill. My membership is paid in full but I was told that I could NOT use the Spanish Fort nor the Saraland, AL facility.

Not because of breaking a club rule....just because the owner chose to not want me, my daughter, or my son in HIS SNAP Fitness. This owner has treated at least 9 other individuals unjustly, he should be stopped

Product or Service Mentioned: Snap Fitness Facility.

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Why not sue them


Interesting the response for the gym in Alabama, was someone responding from a address in CALIF, how do they know what was done. As a private company they can have whoever they want, but it was VERY tacky to post a sign on the door, they can tell them in person when they come in PLUS if this is the only gym they can use in that area (maybe the joined elsewhere and moved) they should IMMEDIATELY refund their money if they bar them. It looks like a franchise operation so the behavior may not be indicative of all of them, but if it makes the complainer feel any better, it certainly prevents ME from EVER joining them (I LIKE corporate owned products.)


I think we're all missing the fact that someone named their kid Merlyn....

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1015935

So what? Are you trying to troll on someone's name? If you don't like that name, that's YOUR issue, sweetie!


WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!! Get an actual person in your club to manage your customers if you want people to scan their cards.

Hire someone to clean your equipment if you don't want a dirty facility. Not EVERYONE cleans their area after sweating on it. Grow some brains and figure it out...the YMCA did! lol.

Forget Snap Fitness, they suck BIG time!! YMCA is WAYYYY better!!!!

GOOD LUCK! :roll

to Melissa #1101395

This is so true! I love the ymca, but since I've moved in 2011 I have been a member of snap.

The only reason I left the ymca is because of the closeness and convenience of the 24/7. It saves gas and it works with my rotating schedule.

Mountain View, California, United States #677817

Prior to first using our club, they were informed of our rules: that all members must scan their cards to use club, wipe down equipment, rack weights, etc. The son did not scan his card nor wipe down equipment TWO days in a row AFTER being informed. Received complaints from our member.

Thank you for showing a picture of the note. Does not state "...telling me and the entire community that I couldn't use that gym because my daughter did not wipe off the treadmill."

These members joined at another location. I had no way to contact them and they came into our club when not staffed (24/7 club).

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