I stopped @ your branch in Macomb Il this afternoon. Door was locked, good security, I liked that. Sign saying Members can't open door, liked that.

So now if you're gonna have this policy you at least need to hire someone that their job is nothing but answer the phone & BE THERE when a new customer arrives.

Now my health has been poor this year & my Doctor insists that I start to exercise to improve my health & my dependency on diabetes drugs, I at least have a chance to get rid of that one....

BUT NOPE, no one at the door, so I gave up, as I was putting my coats back on, so I could ride my bicycle home, Temp was in mid 30's.

As I was getting ready to leave a Member walked up & asked if they were open & I said yes but I guess they're too busy to open a door for a new Member... He politely asked if I'd like to enter as his Guest & I pointed toward the door & thanked him but said I wouldn't ask him to break that rule.. I told him if they couldn't afford to have someone greet NEW BUSINESS then I'd take MY BUSINESS somewhere else... so I rode 1 blk over to the YMCA... I had info on membership there within 2 minutes...

So as far as "YOUR" Customer Service goes; I'd have to give ya'll a 2, & that's 'cause I was in a good mood before I rode to your business door.

I'd heard good things 'bout your Gym, but guess I heard wrong, or they were lying... Guess I'll never find out!!!


Coulda, Woulda Been A Customer;

Douglas K Longcor

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glad you're not a customer. i'd hate to work out next to you.

to dontgiveaf #930775

You just cancelled my plan to join.

You need a high colonic to mouth.

Norcross, Georgia, United States #915722

You must have read the sign wrong. In the evening and early morning hours, only members can open the door. In order to sign up you must come by during normal business hours.

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