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I have tried 2 snap fitness in the Twin Cities area. Both have staff that say they are going to fix an issue or clean an area and then do nothing about it.

The main issue with members seem to be the television. There is one television for every four pieces of cardio equipment. That is if The TVs are working, and the remotes are available and working. I have found that TVs or remotes often do not work.

The staff do little about this and so the clientele become caddy, conflicting over what station should be watched. Anytime fitness has it right by having individual TVs on each cardio machine.

Snap fitness needs to have their machines far enough apart that when someone is using the arms on the elliptical or arc, they are not dripping sweat into the beverage holder, and thus the beverage on the adjacent cardio machine.

Only about 3 inches between machines. I've never seen machines positioned this close.

They also need to clean their fans which are caked with grime and dirt that more than occasionally blows loose on to the members.

I liked: Trial membership price, Cybex arc, Ample parking.

I didn't like: Inattentive staff, Dirty machines and bathrooms, Non working tvs, Not enough tvs to share, Client tv conflict.

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