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I am currently a college student, so I don't live at home, and can only make it home every few months, so when I was checking my bank statements from the last few months I finally got from home I was shocked to see I had been charged WAY more than I had agreed to. I talked to the owner, and he told me what was happening was that they were attempting to charge my card, it was being denied, they would add $20, then a few days later they would try again, $20 more dollars, then repeat, until it would "randomly" go through.

The owner said I likely had insufficient funds, but I knew that not to be the case, plus I have overdraft protection. So I called my bank/VISA and asked them about it, and they told me with 100% certainty that they had not denied ANY transactions for the previous months, and that the only "transaction approval requests" they had received from SnapFitness were the ones appearing on my statement as paid. After I got ahold of the owner again he told me he would send me the transaction denied statements via email in a few minutes, and I asked him to throw in a copy of the contract I had signed as well. He agreed, but it's the next day and I have received NOTHING from them.

Beware, they will overcharge you, play dumb about it, and when you call them out they will offer proof and not send it. Trying to decide if dealing with these people in small claims court is worth the hassle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Snap Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Yes, dispute it. Get a statement from your bank first, then demand proof from Snap Fitness that shows your payment did not go through and why.

If SF is unwilling to show you proof or work with you to fix it, especially since you can provide proof you had enough $$ in your account and have overdraft protection, you should get every penny of the service fees returned, or at least, if you want to continue your membership get those fees applied to future dues. Good luck. Then get online banking. NEVER let a day go by, and I really mean A DAY, and not check your account activity...

NEVER, cuz it could be expensive.

The sooner you can spot a transaction not made by you, the better chance to have,of recovery. Waiting too long can be a huge loss you can't afford.

Alexandria, Minnesota, United States #791982

Thanks for the posting I got overcharged $20.00 at alexandria mn Snap Fitness Center. They claimed that the charged failed to go throw so they decided to charge They also played dumb I filed a dispute with my credit card company.

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