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I just wanted a free pass, had to endure lame sales pitches from Amber until I finally agreed to membership. she never could figure out how to program key card.

Made several trips and couldn't get in. Couldn't get ahold of anyone, not there even during posted hours, don't return calls, overdrew my checking by drawing more than agreed. Copped an attitude with me and cancelled my membership. Rude, unprofessional, expensive, facility sparse.

No less expensive than any other gym and have very little to offer, can't even get in! Avoid these jokers at all costs. Wasted my time and money, look forward to watching them go down the toliet.

Total creeps.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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All these complaints are probably from people who refused to workout. Got fatter now want money back. JUST SAYIN'


No one is complaining about getting fat you *** The guy is complaining about gym membership not being cancelled. I hope a large dumbbell falls on your *** and you die for you arrogance.

And then you come back to life without balls and a ***.

Then get ran over by a truck and lose your arms and legs. *** *** sucking son of a mother lord ***.


Yep - stay away from this "gym". The equipment is so-so, and the price too high!

Also, the fact that they want to have auto-debit access to your checking should be a large red flag!! They told me it was $35/month, so I asked if I could instead just do a one-time payment for a year. They said yes, and that I would then get an additional 3 month "free". When I asked what the total would be for one year, I was told $470 !

Hmmmmm....where did those 3 free months go????

You do the math. :roll


*** these mother *** im sueing these *** i live in mn the ceo is from here not far from me we need a petition to get these scam artist out


Hello! The song is part of our Zumba instructors nertwok CDs and I would be violating copyright laws and my licensing agreement by illegally sharing the song via email with you sorry but I have to follow the rules BUT I did find the song on iTunes if you want to purchase it!!

Yay! Search La Verdad by Soundcheck Reloaded (album name). The artist is called La Verdad.

It is a great song very fast merengue and so much fun to use in class! Happy listening Peace, Love, Zumba!


My husband an i got sucked into snap for a promo they said it would be better to do the other promo an if we wanted to cancel give 30 days we tried they told us we cant get out of the contract so someone plz help i cant afford them anymore and am not getting anywhere with them


Glad some one else see the same thing I see a *** Ripe off the Royston store


I wish you people would learn to spell. :?


Why would anyone wonder why this company is promoting this type of business philosphy? PETER TAUNTON = Case # 2404****, Court File # K59800****, Disposition Date 3/18/1999, Minnesota Attorney General's Office St. Paul, Kaniyohi District Court, Theft-by Swindle-Artifice/Trick/Device or Other, Statute # 609.52.2.4., CONVICTED, Probation Sentence - 2 Years


To justsayin and crapfitness I read my contract and gave a 90 day notice and they still took the money out of my account!!!! Staff will not return my calls and the corporate on

ffice isn't any better!!! This is just bad business...don't ever use them...just sayin


2 weeks ago I left a message for someone from snap to call me and let me know what I need to do to stop automatic withdraws. My 12 mo contract was up in july and I never used the gym much.

Since no one in charge is ever at the gym I left a phone message. I still have not gotten a return call. I think I contact my bank and put a block on any other duction.

They are egar to sign you up and take your money when it benifits Snap. OHIO


If all you unhappy customers about having to pay another month after you canceled would READ your contracts befroe you sign, you just might read...in black and white... that you must give a 3o day notice to cancel.

Just saying...cause I'm not even a member and can read between your lines...it says "***" for not reading before you sign.

Now, turn the blame on yourself. :cry


I signed up with snap 2 yrs ago and was told that there was a 12 month agreement and after the tweleve months I was not obligated to resign. 12 months came and went barely used the gym because of lack of equipment...and i didnt resign...snap has still been taking a fee out of my acct!!!

I called MICHELLE in SEWELL NJ and she said she would look into it and would call me back..no call assumed it was taken care of and that was 3 months ago!!!!...I have paid snap for the last 2 yrs and havent used the gym...If she would of told me in the beginning to just come in and sign a form I would have now I have paid the last 3 months they have over drafted my acct and want me to pay another month because they need 30 days notice!!!

i gave you 3 months thats not good enough?! besides the fact they double charged me when I registered....Dont recommand this gym to anyone, staff is rude, never answer phone,they are just trying to steal your money...


These people keep contacting me! about an expired membership.

I have never even been a member or affiliate of snap fitness. I responded cordially asking to be left alone. I keep receiving aggressive emails from a Mike McCool. I wrote him one nasty email to leave me the heck alone.

He took offense and threatened police action if I stepped on his property. Oh, my, God. I don't have the faintest idea what state the gym is in! I actually put in a report with Homeland Security.

This fraud *** has to stop. Whoever Mike McCool is, he needs to back off.


SOOO frustrated with the SNAPs in Milwaukee area! The gyms are clean and well taken care of, but the staff are rude and dishonest, double charging my credit card, threatening collections when my cc didn't work 'cause it had been stolen.

My latest frustration: I haven't used my membership in 5 months, and decided that I need to quit. Wrote to them on the 5th of the month, and they said I'd have to pay for an extra month because I signed a legally binding contract. The staffer was soooooo rude! Give me a break!

You've gotten hundreds of dollars from me for free already!

I had actually planned on joining up again in the fall, once the weather cools down again. After this, forget it!


The Snap Fitness Shills continue to frequent this site posting their favorable *** about an absolute loser business model...Continue to read the posts about specific owners and managers and you'll begin to realize that Peter Taunton, CEO likes to bring on others just like himself. He was convicted of swindling which appears to have not been disclosed to potential franchisees or members. Watch your back, watch your wallet and don't bend over, Peter is coming to get you!


I love the services provided @ snapfitness frazer town. The staff is cordial and i have fallen in love with the gym .

I have over 6kgs in 2 monthsss in life rockzzz.. lov u guys


This brings a new meaning to "Satisfied customer".....he is somewhat believable and may actually be a patron and not the corporate shill representing Snap Fitness in so many of the other comments in this forum. Be careful, if CEO Peter Taunton discovers sex acts are being performed in his franchised clubs, he might encourage franchisees to start charging extra membership dues for this service as well! (A high percentage of franchisees are subsidizing their clubs just to stay open!)


I work out at a few of the Snaps in the Milwaukee area, and have had no problems with any of them. Aside from catching people having sex in the bathroom, *** coming in and not wiping off machines, and limited equipment at one of the locations, there has never been anything displeasing about Snap fitness.


The "just a customer" who has posted several times on this and other complaint sites is a Snap Fitness corporate shill ordered to troll these websites and perform damage control. Chances are Peter Taunton, CEO of Snap Fitness and convicted of swindling, probably plays a part in this due to his obvious "high integrity".

When a franchiser resorts to this type of strategy, you can bet on two facts: 1. It is effecting their business. 2. They have lots of issues to defend.


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