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Just received the following email: Hello, This notification is to remind you that you will be billed the Snap Fitness Club Enhancement Fee this April. The fee amount is stated below and goes toward club improvements.

If you have questions, please contact your club. One-time annual fee amount: $20.00 WHAT?? I've never heard of an 'enhancement fee' assessed to people who don't have an ownership share in the entity assessing them. Private business owners (restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salons, fitness centers, etc.) don't include surcharges on their customer's bills for maintaining and future improvements to their businesses.

The owner pays these costs --- and then decide if they need to increase their prices as a result of these costs. Then the customer decides if they want to pay the higher price or not.

Apparently, keeping the monthly membership fees artificially low so they can attract new members, knowing they can make up any shortfall through the sneaky (and likely unadvertised) annual 'enhancement fee' is more important than conducting their business with integrity and transparency. Pathetic!

Product or Service Mentioned: Snap Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I'm also quite upset. This enhancement fee was never mentioned when I signed up.

8t was $30. Afyer I enquired by email about it, I was told that not everyone had to pay it; those who had been "grandfathered in" were excepted.

I see there is a lawsuit against this in Ohio. I am in Michigan.


Ours was a little over $38! And I never received notice.

It was not in my original contract. Seems like credit card fraud to me to start charging me something without notice that I never agreed to and didn't initiate.




They told me the contract that I had back in 2014 did not have this annual enchantment fee and that they sent several emails prior to charging this fee but i never got it (they sent it to the wrong email). Are they allowed to do this?

Contract is a contract, they have to honor it, right?

What can I do? What can I say?

Los Angeles, California, United States #1314233

I think it's *** I got charged 35 and it's not in my contract and why the *** we pay every month isn't for the club enhancement

Eugene, Oregon, United States #1312555

Same thing happened to me this morning, I called and am awaiting a call from the Manager. I will definitely be disputing this, I was never notified of this charge and was never sent anything in regard to being charge this "enhancement fee"

Fox Lake, Illinois, United States #1312453

I just got hit with the same fee and the gym owner said it is through corporate nation wide. They said they sent out email but I never got one.

My fee was $30 though, not $20... so are they charging different rates for different locations? I went through my contract and it does not state anywhere that they can charge more than the monthly fee.

If i dispute it with my Visa, will Snap cancel my membership? This is total *** and a LOUSY way for a business to conduct itself.


Unless it is stated in the contract that you will be assessed an enhanced fee they can't charge it. If they do then dispute it with your bank, they will reverse the charge and fine snap the $35.

This illegal move is going to backfire on Snap.

You don't charge the consumer for the normal upkeep of running your business. This screams that snap is in trouble & doesn't know how to run a business.

to Anonymous #1454033

Actually it is completely legal, and any of you would know this if you chose to read the agreement- instead of pretending to know legal context like the lawyers that you are not.I, personally, get paid to know this agreement and unfortunately... Snap IS allowed to Change its RULES & POLICIES (yes, sometimes policies incur new fees) aka a Club enhancement fee, clean up fee, an unauthorized guest fee...etc whether they decide to tell you about it or not.Also, you may "dispute" the charge all you would like...as for the total amount that was owed and accumulated by the member + any fees charged due to neglect (NSF), and or charge backs and then you will be sent to collections for the total...

$5-35 dollars is not worth your credit score in my opinion...All new agreements have this "CEF clause" included.Everyone wants to say "it's what my monthly dues are for..."WRONG!- you are merely RENTING the OWNERS equipment, and paying for a 24/7 "service" to use a facility and the equipment inside.Major companies like Planet Fitness have an annual fee? but lets bad mouth Snap for trying to make a better experience for their members as well!This is because Snaps DON'T MAKE A **** TON OF MONEY- MOST ARE BREAK EVEN AND THE MEMBERS DUES PAY FOR THE RENT, UTILITIES, AND LOW PAYROLL. there is not much left after- THIS FEE DOES NOT GO STRAIGHT INTO THE POCKET OF THE OWNER- THIS IS TO KEEP BRINGING IN NEW EQUIPMENT FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE FOR THOSE WHO USE IT. How would you feel if your gym never got updated, or gave you any new machines/equipment to help you reach your goals?

Probably pretty s****y, and would go to a club that will charge that fee and call it an "annual fee"(Planet fitness) and give you absolutely nothing in return... That's why it is called a CLUB ENHANCEMENT FEE...TO ENHANCE *YOUR* CLUBPeople forget there are royalties, franchise fees, membership maintenance fees, etc. that is never seen except by the owner, and their business bank account.

SNAP has a corporation filled with 2400+ SMALL BUSINESS'S... therefore they do not get funding from the big wigs.

to Dont worry about it #1466137

Buddy, the contract shows that they can increase the monthly fee, why wouldn't they do that to not be "break even" as you claim most are? No need to assess a separate fee, and it's scummy at the very least.

You can claim bad business model, but if it's so bad, then people wouldn't sign up for it.

Also, the gyms are claiming corporate initiated this new charge, not the individual gyms. So please stop ranting so hard about small business owners not being able to make it, and read/listen a little more.

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