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Helen An reviewed Snap Fitness Spring Hill.

November 28 at 4:33pm ·

★☆☆☆☆ Just be careful if u didnt pay ur membership at springhill n using their gym often

The owner ( David ) of springhill snap fitness will reject u one day without notice at d door ( especially when u ready to workout n had preworkout at home 30min b4 )

Even u r right to use any other Snap fitness with ur Snap fitness membership card

Check ur missed call or voice message on ur phone b4 u go to gym

Otherwise u mite get treat like u never paid for ur gym membership or just like sneaky visitor

The owner treated us like we r not their member because we didnt join our gym membership with them

It mite b good chance to move on to other gym

There r so many great gym these days other than go to who owned at Springhill Snap fitness as arrogant gym owner

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Helen An

So now d owner of gym David lied to head office that my partner accessed their computer n took members info from computer therefore d owner David cancelled his n my membership ??

Also David has checked on camera when my partner was hacking their computer

So my partner asked to David that show him d video that they recorded

Well what happened after that?

David won't show him any of evidence of video n when my partner asked to David for meet up at d police station anytime soon but David never responded to my partner n still no comment about it

What kind of person is he??

Just admit that we can't use their gym bcuz we didn't pay money to Springhill Snap Fitness directly

So much childish adult owner

Isn't it breaking d policy of whole Snap Fitness globally for member of who joined with any of Snap Fitness at the moment ??

Just can't believe how d owner lied to head office n he wanted to getaway with this embarrassing situation

Ok let's see who will get punishment big time in d future

I can't wait to see who's gonna b honest side

Good luck David

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Helen An

By d way did I *** uguys computer as well?

Y is my membership has been cancelled for??

Can u explain about it?

I didn't receive any of notice or phone call that my membership has been cancelled

How appreciated for uguys treat people like that


I won't forget what I've got inconvenience from uguys also I will let ppl know about how d owner David treat their members like this

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Helen An

My partner want to post this important message ;

This is my Friday Afternoon rant; It has now been over a week and the Owner David (SNAP Fitness Spring Hill) still won't show me any evidence that I accessed their computer and stole members information (which has accused me of). And after many attempts to have this resolved, even offering to meet at the local police station so he can show them the proof? (Sorry I forgot there is non as I didn't do it). Mind you he has cancelled both my partners and my membership with nothing but allegations. Which leads me to the next question, why was my partners membership cancelled without even a phone call or text??????? she has done nothing wrong and had to find out at the front door by the manager, what an embarrassment for her. Lets hope at some stage Head Office are going to take their head out of the sand and ask David for a copy of this video so they can verify it's truth (maybe they don't think it's a big deal to discredit someone that has worked hard for years to build a career and reputation with the industry and then just have false and serious allegation spread by them?) . We teach our children to tell the truth so why is it when people become adults they forget this fundamental concept? You know the old saying, "throw mud and some will stick" well the only way to fix this wrong is to admit he made it all up simpl3e because I paid for our memberships up front at another Club but have been using his. And yes I hear you say doesn't a membership at SNAP Fitness allow access to all Clubs within Australia, well the thing they don't tell you is it's at the owners digression? So just be careful not to *** the owner off at your local SNAP. Hopefully I will hear from SNAP head office with a time and date to view this tape (with them present of course).. Have a great weekend

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is so beyond poorly written, I feel like I just learned a new language trying to decipher it. My head hurts...

Using 'd' for 'the' is the epitome of douchey text lingo, as is 'u', 'ur', 'b4', 'n', etc...

Put a little effort in! This is disgraceful!

to NM Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #971098

You *** ***, English is not here first language andsheis self taught. How many languages do you know, you've mastered one "***".

Don't worry about your poor head hurting, if you want to catch up in person I more than happy to? Your probably like the owner, gutless

to ***ed off Mountain View, California, United States #971588

I don't think they were referring to OP's English itself, but much rather the use of 'bad English' (ur/your, d/the, n/and, etc...). Lol, what a hero you are, offering to meet the commenter in person...

So lame. And it's "you're", you inept chimp.

to ***ed off #1135282

I speak English, French, Spanish and American Sign Language and this made my head hurt as well. Typing in text lingo should not happen in any language. It is rude and lazy.


Take an English class and try again. Maybe then we'll be able to understand what you are trying to say.


For the love of all that is holy, stop writing immediately.

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