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we did work on his very nice home in chanhassen and we where not able to make his childrens 4 xboxs sinc up, ya u read it right 4 xboxes give me a break! we hired a company to come in and do it for us the assured us they could fix problem they where like a geek squad, however they where not successful, so we are out 200.00 dollars this guy has the nerve to stiff us for 200 dollars, just think what he could do to others im pretty much poor and just paid for this guys worthless kids habits

Monetary Loss: $200.


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Wow, everyone here thinks they know so much about Peter.If anyone really did know him and the business they would know about the risks that are included in opening up a franchise.

A franchise is completely dependent on the owner; if it is not well kept, like any gym, it will fail. Peter is a good friend of mine and I can assure you he is not a crook and has never been convicted of "Theft by Swindle"?... You people talk loads of *** because you are jealous of the way the company has taken off.

The more successful you are, the bigger the target is on your back for peasants like you.

And for the record, he has one x-box, and his son installed it.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States #584344

We also did work on Peters home...the exterior. Peter, the architect and the builder were delightful to work for and we were paid every last penny.


Peter Taunton Is A Flat Out Douche Bag!!

to Peter Taunton #737019

Prove it *** face. Jealous of him?


Yes he is...

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #197519

Thank you Peter for the "Christian chastising" of a person who feels totally ripped off.I'm sure you sleep well at night knowing you have ripped off so many franchisees with this loser business model, but it's all legal, right?

I know, you check everyday with Ali to make sure you won't be convicted again (scroll down to "this should help" post below to read) of any wrongdoing. No, this time you have covered your bases and can bend people over legitimately without recourse. You have learned to bind them with a restricted contract that heavily favors Snap Fitness corporate and leaves franchisees to fend for themselves when reality sets in. (financial catastrophe for those uninformed) Your incredible charity reveals itself when these franchisees are failing and near bankruptcy and you and your gang swoop in and take advantage of every opportunity to continue to fill your coffers as the franchisee languishes in financial devastation.

Just once, put yourself in the shoes of one of your franchisees who has labored, invested, sweat and loyally circled the drain to continue to pay exorbitant franchise fees and support your lavish lifestyle.You my friend are a piece of work!


Gary, would you pay for work that is not completed?How can you blame everything on something/someone else?

I suppose it is easier to sling mud onto others instead of being accountable though.Keep up the good fight.


I have seen the internal billing system and can tell you its scary. I think one good audit would be all it would take to shut them down.

to someone who knows... Allenport, Pennsylvania, United States #658646

I sure wish they would do an audit of every gyms billing history.The system that they use, Check free is so bad and they at coorprate know it.

Its been 3 plus years that said they replace that system and still have nothing. Its a joke of franchise, I've been involved in both ANYTIME & SNAP and hands down Anytime is a better run company.

I hope that Peter gets what he deserves someday because he truly is a crook, he gets people to buy into lies and should be ashamed of himself.

to Anonymous #737022

Crooks dont start and run a 300 million dollar company, they attempt and fail.Peter has succeeded and is in the process of liquidation.

Anyone who is on this website does not know *** about the company and how it is run.

Everyone here is just a bunch of lazy ex-franchise z's that didn't know how to run a successful club.(Dumb ***)

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