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Snap fitness has a cancel policy that screws every member 1 additional month of fee's after you quit.You are billed for the current month on the first of every month.

If you were to cancel on say the 5th of that month - they charge you for the entire next month. This is deceptive billing practices. The State Consumer Protection Agency needs to step up and stop this. Snap Fitness is a consumer rip off.

DO NOT JOIN THIS FITNESS CLUB. There is no way I would ever recommend this to any friend or family member.

They basically get every single person for 1 extra month as they quit.Snap Fitness sucks.

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Yep.Just found that out as I called to cancel my account after this month.

Now I have to pay for a whole month that I wont even be near a SNAP fitness.What a ripoff.


Yes u are right I just cancelled yesterday, and that's the 2nd of the month and I get charge a day later for another month that's wrong and the gym has no extra features for 43 bucks other than having the gym open 24 hours who the *** cares about that. Please rethink before you join!!


I was a member at snap for a long time.And it was Awesome.

The cancel makes sense, they don't charge you for months you can't use. You get to use the gym till the last day you paid and they tell you this when you start.

Many gyms have that same policy.Read before you sign!


Their policies should be on the contract. There is nothing wrong with billing you for the entire next month when you quit if they require a notice before the charge is scheduled. If you knew you'd be billed on the 1st, why didn't you quit before the 1st?


Joke of a company that charges u after u cancel your account. :sigh


my key card often doesn't work.it is random in that will work for weeks and then won't work.

there have been weeks where the manager told me she's had to stay there most of the day to let everyone in because no one's card works. I have to pay, but when I can't get in, the owner isn't available and doubt that he cares. I am told the door is the problem. why does it work sometimes and not others?

it is the same door? why was I told it's not Snap's or the owners problem? the place needs to close if members can't access.

24 hr access, yeh right.more like 24 hr non access!


Snap Fitness is a complete scam.Why should a business require a 30 day notice prior to termination?

It is NOT a lease agreement for a house. I specifically told them I wanted month-to-month, and they disregarded me. I quit this terible facility with pleasure.

Furthermore, the owners and trainers are the *** of the Earth.I will do whatever I can to warn people about the b/s and filth of this company!


There is a stream of lies in this blog that the consumer should be aware of.Snap does not accept verbal (phoned in) terminations.

Several of the blogs posted indicated that they called in to cancel.I suspect this blog is being used by another Fitness Center to Bash SNAP Fitness.

to not your average *** Waterloo, Nebraska, United States #1312183

No.It's not other fitness centers bashing Snap.

It's pissed of customers, like myself, going through this nightmare of a cancellation process Snap implemented to steal from people.

You are obviously a Snap drone.Everyone else on here has a story consistent with what I am experiencing now.


If you sign and initial an agreement and then told verbally that 30 days notice is required for termination...how is SNAP the doing something wrong?Many clubs ding you for annual fees and other hidden charges that are not present at SNAP.

A fitness center that depends on monthly memberships for revenue needs 30 days to replace the terminated member.It's actually a fair policy.

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