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Was told payment due by the 25th of month,went in to pay on the 25th and was told my card was already being charged and could not make payment.very wrong the 25th last till I went home and cancled the card so they can not draft anymore and I will make payment in the club.and they are just very rude people that work there and own it,we are a small town and not many choices here to work out at.I will contuine to work out there but I will be very carefull.

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The Snap Fitness corporate shill just cannot leave it alone. Checkfree collects the fees and drops the remainder after costs into the shills account.

A minority of franchisees have enough to cover their bills and the rest subsidize their investment each month. The founder and CEO of Snap Fitness has been convicted of swindling as posted on several other complaint comments here on pissed. You decide if this is the company you would like to pay your hard earned money in advance to. The shill is a frustrated franchisee who cannot be bothered with the huge number of his fellow franchisees who are circling the drain and won't be making it past this summer.

He's selfish, narcissistic and greedy. End of story.


Corporate does not send me any checks...rather it is me that pays them monthly. I make money from our members who pays us for the services that we provide.


The Snap Fitness corporate shill is back for more....yes, you are making money from corporate by your franchise status, so in a sense you are being compensated for posting on these sites. You receive a deposit from Checkfree each month, correct?

I, on the other hand, am not receiving a cent for informing the general public, failing franchisees, potential franchisees and members and all others that there are issues they should be aware of before buying into this.

You are only looking out for yourself, I am looking out for consumers and investors. NOW who should readers believe?


King..I know you don't really think Snap or AT pays someone to "troll" these sites...even you can't be that ***.

I'm sure some Snaps do yours did. What is important to me and my family is that ours provides a fantastic place for our members to improve themselves both physically and mentally.

We continue to get rave revues from our membership base. Oh, and as I believe you like to put it, we make some serious bank :)


The corporate shill for Snap Fitness is posting everywhere on complaint sites "representing" the "good guys". Read all over this complaint site and you will come to realize the shill is being paid by corporate to troll and perform damage control posts.

Fake name, fake owner, but a real POS!

The gigs up!!! SNAPS SUCK!


Call me a shill, call me anything you want. I don't mind saying we run a GREAT operation with our Snap fitness.

By the way communication is something we excel at. Have incorrectly bille members over the years, and 100% of the time make the customer whole.

Don't get me wrong, we do like getting paid for our services. And based on the amount of hours we put in we get paid VERY, VERY, Very well.

Now, king, what was it in addition to your communication skills that led to your failure...oh yeah...everything else about you :)


Each franchisee runs their own show based on their training from corporate. Communication is not a strong point of the franchisees or corporate, especially when it comes to making sure they get paid!

Read all over this complaint site and you will come to realize you will probably end up paying more for the membership than you agreed to. The gigs up!!! Scroll down to the post "Snap Fitness - The owner of snap in chan is a crook" to read more about Peter Taunton, CEO of Snap Fitness, and who has also been involved with the training of these owners.

Corporate shills for Snap Fitness are posting everywhere on complaint sites "representing" the "good guys". JUST WAIT, ONE WILL SHOW UP SOON...

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