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I travel for work and each week before I leave I try to look up the club nearest my hotel. Have you tried to find SNAP on the internet lately?

The local clubs have taken the prime responses and you really have to work at finding SNAP.com without it being a local club. Once I find the local club site I look for the picture tour to see what the club offers and what it looks like so I can find it while driving. Most club owners are not proud enough to put up pictures.

Most use the generic SNAP franchise provided bull *** pictures. GET PROUD OWNERS!

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An individual Snap Fitness has no incentive to work on member outreach outside of it's own community. Each location will only receive dues from it's own members.

Every Snap Fitness will have everything you need to get a great workout if you have any clue what you're doing. Not all Snap's have as much money or care invested into them, but my suggestion is joining your local club and using the clubs that you're nearest on your travels.

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